Using his security camera, Mark Zarsky, a commercial real estate broker living outside Houston, Texas, captured what he believes to be a process server urinating spitefully in his driveway.

According to Zarsky, the woman had stopped by the home before and asked if he was Mark Zarsky, but he told her no, assuming she was a salesperson. On this trip—her third to the home—she knocked on the doors and looked in the windows. After getting no response from Zarsky, she then drops trou right next to his Mercedes and pees in the driveway. After watching the footage on his surveillance cam, he immediately uploaded it to YouTube because who wouldn’t thumbs up a good pee video?

Zarsky is convinced it’s an act of aggression because had she really had to go, “she could have done that in the bushes or in a portable toilet at a nearby construction site.” As he writes on the video’s description:

Sweet looking Grandma process server shows true colors when she returns to same location for third time and can't find anyone home.

And just in case she comes back, he’s also added a sign to his door, because older women are known to check out videos on YouTube:

Zarsky told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth that if he’s served again he wants new papers “as the others may have been contaminated.”

[Image via KHOU]