Ralph Lauren's niece, jewelry designer Jennifer Lauren, is being held in jail in Ireland after she became so intoxicated and enraged that her New York-bound flight had to make an emergency landing.

It's not clear exactly what Lauren said or did on the flight, but authorities say she was sufficiently drunk, threatening and verbally abusive to warrant the 200-person plane making an emergency landing in Shannon, Ireland, where Lauren was removed and arrested.

An Irish police officer testified that when she went to arrest Lauren, the designer asked her to "repeat that in English."

Lauren did not speak during today's arraignment except to cry softly and confirm her nationality.

Because the area has no dedicated courthouse, the hearings today were held in a Shannon pub. According to the BBC, the bar area was cordoned off with wire mesh.

Before Lauren is sentenced, the court says it will take into account how many people were inconvenienced by the emergency landing (209), the cost to the airline, and the cost to the Shannon airport. Delta has not commented on the incident beyond referring to Lauren as an "unruly customer."

Lauren's attorneys say she intends to plead guilty to all charges tomorrow when court proceedings resume. Officials say air rage cases like Lauren's typically result in a cash fine and a suspended sentence.

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