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Pavel Sheremet, a renowned journalist for Ukraine’s top news site Ukrainska Pravda, died in an apparent car bombing earlier today, the AP reports.

A remote-detonated or delayed-time bomb was strapped under the car owned by Ukrainska Pravda’s founding editor-in-chief, Olena Prytula, the victim’s partner. She and several other family members and friends have recently complained about being followed, according to the Russian investigative paper Novaya Gazeta.

Surveillance video obtained by Obzoz TV captures the moment the driver’s side of the vehicle explodes at an intersection. Sheremet was driving to his job hosting a radio show. Please know that this footage is graphic.

Ukraine’s current Interior Minister said that solving Pavel Sheremet’s murder is “very important, a matter of honor” for the Kiev police. The Interior Minister’s aide has said that Sheremet’s professional activities a journalist likely lead to the murder. The police, members of Ukraine’s National Security Service, and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation are participating in the investigation.

According to reports, law enforcement officials say they are considering all theories, including “a Russian evidence trail” and the possibility that Olena Prytula was the actual target of the bomb.

The 44-year-old Belarus-born journalist has worked as a correspondent and television host at some of the most high-profile news outlets in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and founded the independent news website In 1997, Sheremet famously served three months in prison for illegally crossing the border between Belarus and Lithuania while reporting on how easy it is to illegally cross the border between Belarus and Lithuania.

Sheremet left the Russian state television Channel One in 2008, saying that he couldn’t take the censorship any longer. He has been living and working in Ukraine for the last five years. According to Meduza, Sheremet’s last public appearance in Russia was at the funeral of his friend and opposition politician Boris Nemtsov who was gunned down near Kremlin in 2015.

In 2000, journalist and founder of Ukrainska Pravda who investigated corruption of top officials, Heorhiy Gongadze, was brutally murdered. He was kidnapped and beaten by a group of police officers. Months later, his burned, decapitated body was found in a forest outside of Kiev. An Interior Ministry official who was convicted for “instigated and ordering” the hit is said to have committed suicide in 2005. An audiotape appeared to document then-president Leonid Kuchma and his top aides instructing subordinates to get rid of the journalist, but the charges against them were dropped.