Screencap: Facebook/KOCO

According to the Associated Press, three people were hospitalized in Oklahoma City on Saturday after a swarm of “30,000 to 60,000" BEES escaped and stung passersby during a BEE deal done wrong in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Authorities say the BEES were released during a failed exchange between a BEE buyer and a BEE seller. From KOKH-TV:

Officials tell Fox 25 a person was selling three hives, each containing more than 10,000 [BEES], when one was dropped in a Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot Saturday morning. Thousands of [BEES] swarmed into the air and fire crews rushed to spray water in the area and distract the [BEES] from people nearby.

BEEkeepers were then called to the scene and managed to corral the BEES.

Officials say the BEE threat has now passed.