NYPD officers reportedly shot a hammer-wielding man this morning in midtown Manhattan. The man, who the New York Post reports was shot in the head, allegedly tried to attack in officer with a hammer at 37th Street and 8th Ave.

No officers were reported injured, and the suspect was killed, according to NBC New York.

It’s unclear if this the same hammer-wielding man who attacked two women in Union Square earlier this week.

UPDATE 11:41 am: NBC News and the New York Post report that the suspect is still alive and at Bellevue hospital in critical condition.

UPDATE 11:29 am: The New York Post reports that the suspect has been identified as David Baril, 30. From the Post:

Two officers recognized the suspect from pictures released by the NYPD and stopped to question him, law enforcement sources said.

A short time later, the man pulled out his hammer and took a swing at Officer Lauren O’Rouke with the claw end of the tool, sources said.

He missed, as O’Rouke’s partner, Officer Geraldo Casaigne, pulled his weapon, fired and struck the suspect.

UPDATE 11:04 am: NBC New York reports that the suspect was the same man who attacked the women in Union Square and two others on Monday. From NBC New York:

The suspect, an image of whom had been captured by surveillance cameras and released by police Tuesday, was killed at the scene near West 37th Street and Eighth Avenue around 10 a.m. Wednesday, sources said. Sources said he tried to attack a female officer and was shot.

The condition of the officer wasn’t clear. Authorities had been looking for the suspect after identifying him Tuesday through facial recognition, an NYPD source said.

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