If these allegations are true, I think we can probably stop referring to Edward Tucker as a deputy. He’s a wild man!

Saturday night Tucker reportedly approached a group of girls in southwest Bakersfield. According to this Los Angeles Times report, sheriff Donny Youngblood said Tucker was “nonsensical and asked the girls a question, then told them he didn’t believe the girls’ response.” At some point in the exchange Tucker allegedly “flashed a handgun” at the girls, frightening them enough that they ran home.

Deputies showed up on the scene and found Tucker in his car:

Inside his vehicle, deputies found five handguns, two shotguns and an assault rifle, sheriff’s officials said. Deputies also found a small amount of what appeared to be methamphetamine.

Tucker was booked into a jail and later posted bail.

A free man once again, Tucker reportedly picked up more or less where he left off Saturday night. A retired deputy received “a suicidal text” from Tucker and asked the sheriff’s office to do a welfare check.

Deputies tracked him to a park in northwest Bakersfield. According to officials, the deputies found drugs, firearms and an explosive detonating cord.

They arrested Tucker, placed him the back of the patrol car and drove to the jail.

Tucker is believed to have been under the influence of methamphetamine on both occasions.

OK, so, as reported, it’s been four days of outlaw craziness for Tucker. Was our guy ready for a break? He was not:

He got away! Wait, how the hell did he get away?

Apparently, while in the car, Tucker was able to somehow slip his handcuffs. That would seem to be the hard part, except, if you look to the very far left of the screen and just over the top of the cruiser from which Tucker escapes, you will see the two arresting officers just feet away from the car, monkeying around with a damn computer.

They were right there!

If you watch very closely, at the very opening moment of the video you can see Tucker’s hand reach out the open rear passenger window and quietly crack open the door. From there it was all about playing it cool. For the most part.

“This is not common by any stretch of the imagination,” Youngblood said.

Youngblood said the deputies did not immediately escort Tucker inside the jail. Sheriff’s officials had locked down the facility because Tucker is a deputy.

After walking away from the sheriff’s cruiser, Tucker ran up the parking ramp and took off.

Tucker was on the lam and the subject of a manhunt for nearly two days after his escape. He was eventually found in the garage of an acquaintance in Oildale, outside of Bakersfield. He will reportedly face additional charges related to his escape, which, you’ve gotta admit, was magical.

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Image from Kern County Sheriff’s Office via AP