The New York Post reports that Terry Richardson’s girlfriend Alexandra Bolotow is pregnant. “Multiple sources” say “the couple’s been discreetly telling friends. A source further told us that Bolotow’s three or four months along.”

According to New York magazine’s controversial profile of Richardson, he and Bolotow met at a pinup-calendar casting session in 2004. The piece, which identifies Bolotow as Richardson’s assistant, deploys her as a sort of character witness:

There are images of her fellating Richardson from inside a trash can; from inside a suitcase, with him pinching her nose shut; under his desk; upside down; with the word SLUT lipsticked on her forehead; in tandem with another woman; wearing a paper In-N-Out Burger cap.

I asked Bolotow about the SLUT picture and whether she interpreted any misogyny in it. She laughed. “I love that picture. I’m always like, ‘I look so hot in that picture.’ The whole setup was even my idea; that was the full comedy of it. I think we had a friend coming over, and I was like, ‘You know what would be so funny? If they walked in the door, and I was sucking your dick, and I’d just written slut on my forehead.’”

After the profile’s publication, however, Jezebel reported that the pair had been dating since (at least) February. This would be a relatively acceptable error—a fact-checker might reasonably trust that a reporter would be able to correctly identify his subject’s girlfriend!—were Bolotow not contrasted so starkly with the other women Richardson has worked with who accused him of sexually exploiting them.

“I think part of being a strong woman is owning the decisions that you’ve made in your life,” Bolotow told New York. “Trying to put the onus onto someone else for your own decisions is really cowardly and kind of dishonest.”

Anyway. Fingers crossed that we’ll get to hear about how having a daughter has changed the way Terry Richardson treats women!

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