Hey, entitled "millennials," with your "organic" this and "artisanal" that and "farm to table" marijuana: you're not the bosses any more. Old folks have taken over American restaurants. Thank the lord.

Florida Today (just like USA Today, but with only Florida stories, so better) reports on the very latest numbers out of Trend Polling Central today, and we're extremely pleased to share this milestone with all of you:

For the first time in the United States, people older than 49 are eating out more than younger diners, according to a study released this year by the NPD Research Group, a market research company...

And restaurants, in turn, are responding with comfortable seating. Large-type menus and good lighting. Health-conscious offerings. Choices that embrace tastes from around the globe but down-home "comfort food," too.

Why have young folks lost their dining edge to the olds? Maybe it was the recession, or unemployment, or something to do with Guy Fieri. Who knows. All we we can say for sure is, "Thank god there will be more large-type menus and good lighting and comfort food because what is this, 'pickle plate,' for twelve dollars? We have a perfectly good jar of Vlasic at home."

Village Inn 4 life.

[Photo: AP]