Richard Cohen is a dotty old racist newspaper columnist with the Washington Post and one of the worst professional opinion writers in America. More importantly: he's a man. A real man.

Richard Cohen, who is a supporter of the rapist Roman Polanski and who publicly pooh-poohed the Steubenville rape case and who was once reprimanded by his own paper for sexually harassing a female aide, hates rape. Hates the stuff! What gives him such a powerful aversion to rape? The fact that he is, not to put too fine a point on it, a man. A real man.

Where are the men?

I am talking about men who live by a certain code, who know that rape is repugnant, that gang rape is vile and that so-called men who do these things are criminals. I am talking at the moment of the frat boys at the University of Virginia who are accused of raping a young woman. But I am also talking of all those who knew what was happening — at the time or afterward. They are not men, either.

There's code. A man code. A real man code, which reads "Do not rape, and write shitty newspaper columns as a profession." How did Richard Cohen become such an expert?

I have been a columnist for many years now. I write on a variety of topics, some of them requiring prodigious amounts of research. But I have been a man all my life, and I don't have to Google anything about that.

Born that way son. Can bloggers somehow be faulted for the lack of real men today?

Is this old-fashioned? Have I just geezered my way into irrelevance? Am I going to hear from the gaggle of bloggers circling, like vultures, for the one errant phrase? Will I be told that I just don't get it ? Well, I don't. When I hear President Obama suggest that 1 in 5 college women is a victim of sexual assault, I just don't get it. Who are these creeps who rape? Why do other men put up with such behavior?

Who are all these flipping rapists????? Not cool!!