Three days after the late, big-dicked Richard Matt escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility, his daughter received a letter from him. “I always promised you I would see you on the outside. I’m a man of my word,” it read, according to the Buffalo News.

Police said the father and daughter maintained a correspondence, though she had no knowledge of his escape plan. In fact, she cooperated with investigators after Matt and David Sweat broke out earlier this month.

“Richard Matt was a sociopath, and they were all afraid of him,” a law enforcement official told the News, referring to Matt’s brother Wayne Schimpf. Both Schimpf and Matt’s daughter reportedly requested police protection out of fear that he would attempt to see them.

A portion of the letter was provided to the News by law enforcement officials. It was postmarked prior to the June 6 escape and arrived at Matt’s daughter’s home, in a suburb of Buffalo, on June 9.

While he was still in prison, Matt persuaded Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell to contact his daughter. From the News:

In the initial phone call from Mitchell, the daughter told investigators that she did not recognize the incoming phone number but decided to accept it.

“I’m a friend of your father’s,” Mitchell said, introducing herself.

Mitchell was actually more than a friend of Matt, authorities say. She is accused of supplying him and Sweat with hacksaw blades and other material to help them escape the prison.

Also they banged.

After a three-week-long search, Matt was shot and killed last Friday. Sweat was captured two days later.

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