There is, somewhere inside the Rikers Island Correctional Facility, a safe stocked with with a stash of ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana. Some of these drugs went missing. After close to a month of investigation, authorities now feel confident enough to confirm: Somebody probably did those drugs.

Department of Correction Capt. Robert Santana discovered the drugs were missing when he checked the large safe in the back of Otis Bantum Correctional Facility on Nov. 24, jail insiders said.

The safe also holds cocaine and marijuana, but those drugs were still inside.

The captain apparently gave the combination to the safe to a subordinate when he went on vacation. That subordinate shared the combination with several colleagues, according to sources.

The 50-odd pills were apparently, officially, stocked at the jail for training K9 dogs. There were almost certainly, unofficially, stolen by a guard and consumed by one or more people.

“We have not found them, probably not going to find them,” strangely optimistic city jail commissioner Joseph Ponte tells the New York Daily News, adding that the “vast majority of our officers carry out their duties with care and integrity.”

A bit of an overstatement, maybe:

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