A monkey who stole money from a home in the Himachal Pradesh state of India reportedly began passing out that money to other people on Sunday, just for kicks! This is a cool monkey who likes to fuck with people.

The BBC reports that the cheeky monkey stole about 10,000 rupees (or $165) from a nearby home and then brought it out to the pine forest of Shimla where peaceful vacationers were hanging around. A frenzied crowd began collecting the money as the monkey let it fly.

From the BBC:

The cash-dispensing simian was first spotted sitting on a tin roof with a bundle of currency notes before it playfully started throwing them down one-by-one.

As people began collecting notes of various denominations, the monkey moved on to a tree.

The cash monkey kept making it rain into the trees, where the crowd picked up the cash the best they could.

When entering the house where he found the money, the monkey had only been looking for food—what he didn't expect to find was a new career as the most well-liked, chillass monkey in India.

[Image via AP]