The Worm has returned: Just a few months after his infamous trip to the starving authoritarian hellhole, former basketball superstar Dennis Rodman flew back to North Korea from Beijing on Tuesday, ready to "have a good time," and "sit with [North Korean dictator Kim John Un] and his family."

Rodman insists that the trip will involve no diplomacy, but is rather intended to "show people around the world that we as Americans can actually get along with North Korea... I just want to meet my friend Kim, the marshal, and start a basketball league over there or something like that."

In May, Rodman, after reading a Seattle Times op-ed, tweeted a call for Kim to release Kenneth Bae, an American citizen and missionary accused of plotting to overthrow the DPRK government—but says he has not been "promised" anything, and is not going in order to seek Bae's release.

Rodman's original visit, in conjunction with an "epic" Vice magazine trip, was roundly criticized (not by the DPRK, obviously), but Rodman promised he'd be back.