Russia finally got to show off its fancy new T-14 tanks in a Victory Day Parade rehearsal earlier today. And it went great until one of the supposed super tanks came to a direct halt right in front of Lenin’s grave—which was totally intentional and definitely not a sign of anything breaking down. Russia promises.

As you can see in the video, the rest of the T-14s glided happily on by while the little Russian tank that couldn’t just kind of sat there for about fifteen minutes. That is until another tank came to tow it away, at which point... it continued to not move.

When the state-of-the-art tank meant to show up American military efforts finally did start moving, the parade announcer assured everyone that “it was part of the training to ‘evacuate weaponry’ and had been planned.” Which is weird considering that the tank’s driver apparently held up a small reg flag to signal that he was “having problems,” but hey, maybe it was just good showmanship. Or something.

Image via AP.

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