The San Francisco Examiner reports that a San Francisco State University professor was charged with 15 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy after secretly filming students in his home bathroom.

Assistant District Attorney Alex Bastian told the Examiner that 38-year-old accounting professor Mark Landis was arrested on Wednesday. He is alleged to have secretly filmed multiple current and former San Francisco State students while they used the bathroom, after inviting them to his home for a party. Landis was found out when a student noticed a suspicious tissue box:

The investigation into Landis began last November, according to court records. Prior to the investigation, a student reportedly at Landis' San Francisco home for a party went to use the bathroom. Once inside, he noticed a tissue box that seemed to have a flashing light coming from underneath it. He looked under the box and found a camera. The student reportedly took the memory card from the camera.

Argh, and think of how much time he spent devising that genius tissue box plot just to have it thwarted by some student. The student then examined the memory card—whoops!—and found a bunch of footage of guests unknowingly being filmed in the bathroom.

Landis resigned on July 17, and is currently out of custody on a $100,000 bail. The Examiner reports that he'll return to court on July 29.

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