According to Donald Trump’s schedule, Trump and Sarah Palin are currently headlining a rally in Norwalk, IA. But according to reporters on the scene, Palin is nowhere to be found.

That Palin was intended to appear with Trump today seems evident. Tickets for the rally specifically noted a “special guest” appearance, and a Trump campaign press release said Palin would be traveling with Trump to two events on Wednesday. But despite those announcements, Palin did not appear in Norwalk.

Even so, the Trump campaign now seems to be implying the former Alaska governor was with Trump in Norwalk playing some sort of behind-the-scenes role.

“Asked about Palin’s absence + the apparent conflict w/the campaign press release,” CNN reporter Sarah Murray tweeted Wednesday morning. “Spokeswoman says ‘Did it say she was going on stage?’”

Whether Palin’s apparent absence is tied to her son’s domestic violence arrest is also unclear, though the timing was, at best, inconvenient. (Track Palin, who allegedly attacked his girlfriend late Monday night, was arrested on domestic violence and weapons charges less than 24 hours before Sarah endorsed Trump at an event in Iowa.)

Either way, the Trump campaign seems confident Palin will be on hand for the second event, a rally in Tulsa. The campaign reportedly confirmed to ABC that “Palin will be in Tulsa, OK and will take the stage with Trump there.”

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