There is not one demographic group, including current prison inmates, more sociopathic than teenagers. The average 15 year-old private school student is more naturally inclined to antisocial acts than the average member of the Shabaab. Don't take my word for it—let a scientist tell you.

Whereas normal humans—Mafia members, MMA fighters, professional assassins—need a reason to do something abhorrent to human decency, kids these days will do those things just because there is nothing "good" on television to keep them tranquilized. Historically, adults have just assumed that teens behave this way because they are, at their core, rotten little shits. But now, with the help of a multiyear research study published in the journal Developmental Psychology, scientists can now tell us the real reason: it's because teens are, at their core, rotten little shits.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

"Cognitive empathy," or the mental ability to take others' perspective, begins rising steadily in girls at age 13, according to a six-year study published recently in Developmental Psychology. But boys don't begin until age 15 to show gains in perspective-taking, which helps in problem-solving and avoiding conflict.

Adolescent males actually show a temporary decline, between ages 13 and 16, in a related skill—affective empathy, or the ability to recognize and respond to others' feelings, according to the study

Not only are all kids selfish little fucks up to age 13, but boys actually become even worse bastards until age 16. Fortunately, they grow into some semblance of decency until age 18, when they become sellouts.

[Photo: Ursula Le Guin/ Flickr]