Ichthyologists have discovered a new species of fish in the caves of southern Indiana that's long, pinkish, and has no eyes.

The Amblyopsis hoosieri , or the Hoosier Cavefish, was discovered by researchers from the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and the University of Kentucky, who say that this is the first new cavefish species in the U.S. in 40 years.

Important identifying information, as regaled by Sci-News.com:

Amblyopsis hoosieri is a robust, blind (eyes not developed) cavefish typically reaching between 6–8 cm. The head is large, flat dorsally, but broad. Scales are inconspicuous and cycloid.

The body is uniformly depigmented, including inside mouth, pinkish-white, reddish near gills; fins are transparent.

Notably, Amblyopsis hoosieri has an anus right behind its head, and the females brood their young in their gill chamber.

It also looks like a penis.

[Image via Sci-News/M.L. Niemiller]