Thieves snuck into an industrial truck parking lot in Scotland around 2:30 a.m. Thursday, targeting a huge semi-trailer that contained nine metric tons of Kelloggs’s cereal bars. They stole the whole damn thing, worth nearly $70,000.

Police haven’t released any info about the suspects, but believe the heist was carefully planned and scouted ahead of time.

“We are currently carrying out investigations into what is a high-value theft which has obviously involved an element of planning,” a spokesperson for Scotland Police CID said, according to the Mirror.

“We are reviewing CCTV footage and want to hear from anyone who may have been in or around the area of the lorry park around the time of this theft, or indeed the hours and days prior to the theft as those responsible may have been in area carrying out some form of reconnaissance and planning.”

It’s not really clear how Dumfries’ answer to Ocean’s 11 managed to haul away what, based on the weight per case, must be around 190,000 cereal bars. And it’s even less clear what they plan to do with them.

Eat them? Find someplace to sell them for cash, brazenly ignoring the “not for individual resale” warning on each wrapper? Smush them together to build a creepy cottage in the woods?

I have no idea, but I bet the robbers feel greeeeeat today.

[H/T BBC. Photo: Colt Group/Flickr]