The search for survivors of the building collapse that killed over a thousand people last month and (once again) brought the world's attention to the horrible working conditions of the Bangladeshi garment industry, has ended. Officials announced earlier this week that there were no more bodies to be found in the debris.

By Tuesday however, families were demonstrating at the site of the collapsed building.

“Rescue operation is over? ... Where’s my son? How and where I’ll get him?” Asked Nazim Uddin to a local news team. Uddin's son, Uzzal, worked in the building. Over 300 bodies have yet to be identified.

Families with missing loved ones found renewed hope last Friday when a woman was rescued from the rubble, after spending 408 hours trapped.

The local government, which had been hesitant to release an official list of the dead or missing, have begun to release names, after lobbying from both workers and families.

Beside safety hazards, Garment workers across Bangladesh are now facing lockouts by their employers after the Bangladeshi government lightened restrictions on unionizing and began taking steps towards a high minimum wage.

Bangladeshi factory owners, class acts!