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Firing back at former SeaWorld trainer John Hargrove, who was featured in the 2013 documentary Blackfish, the theme park released a five-year-old cell phone video of a clearly drunk Hargrove shouting "nigger" to a friend on speakerphone.

The video's release follows the publication of Hargrove's critical account of his time as a SeaWorld orca trainer, Beneath the Surface, last month.

In the five-minute clip, Hargrove can be seen asking a friend to a recount a story where a group of black people apparently threw rocks at her when she was drunk. “So you definitely whipped around and you said, ‘What are you niggers doing throwing them rocks?’” Hargrove shouts into the phone multiple times over the course of the video, an empty bottle of wine the frame. The woman on the phone appears to deny having said the epithet.

Fred Jacobs, a SeaWorld rep, told the Orlando Sentinel that the video was apparently sent to them by an "internal whistleblower." "The video is particularly reprehensible since John Hargrove is wearing a SeaWorld shirt," Jacobs told the paper. "SeaWorld would have terminated Hargrove's employment immediately had we known he engaged in this kind of behavior."

Hargrove, meanwhile, decries the video's leak as part of a smear campaign against him. "These are all just personal attacks to try to slander me and my character," Hargrove told the Sentinel. "This is so typical of SeaWorld. If they're going to pull up videos and say he was drunk one night and used a derogatory word...these are petty, childish attempts to discredit somebody."

petty, childish attempts to discredit somebody

Hm. Seems to me that being caught screaming and repeating racial slurs does plenty to discredit yourself.

[Video via Orlando Sentinel]

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