Yesterday Seth Rogen testified before a Senate subcommittee to raise awareness for Alzheimer's. Today, he's trying to expose the theatrics of the whole endeavor: although elected officials filled the room to network and get a photo with the actor, only two senators stuck around to actually hear what he had to say.

Rogen's personal, often-poignant seven-minute speech before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health & Human Services was intended to draw attention to the lack of funding for scientific research on the disease.

Celebrity testimony — often derided as inexpert opinion (the House said no thanks to Ben Affleck yesterday due to a "wide offering of other experts available") — is still an extremely effective method for drawing attention to pet issues.

But Rogen's complaint has been that the elected officials who stopped by the hearing yesterday were interested only in his celebrity, and nothing else.

Rogen specifically called out Senator Mark Kirk — who sits on the subcommittee and tweeted a photo with Rogen — for skipping the hearing.

Update 2/28: A spokesperson from his office pointed out that Senator Kirk was present for most of the day's testimony and asked we update with Kirk's Twitter response. Here it is, along with Rogen's reply:

[image via Twitter]