Hey man—put your phone down. Because before you know it life is going to start passing you by, and then who knows, maybe you’ll even step on a snake and get bit!

And you know what? That cautionary bit-bite tale really happened this week—to Tim Malone, an Oklahoma DJ who is not very good at texting on the go. Via WFSB:

This weekend, he said he was walking through the parking lot, smartphone in hand and not paying attention to where he was walking.

As he approached the building, surveillance footage showed him jump in sheer panic.

At that point he realized he stepped on the snake.

The 4 foot long bull snake sunk its teeth in and slithered away.

“There’s just those two little marks right there,” Malone said of the bites on his leg.

The snake is not poisonous and Malone is expected to make a full recovery. Still, if only this senseless tragedy could have been avoided somehow!!!!!

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