A Texas man with an admitted aversion to snakes was unpleasantly surprised when he encountered an unexpected serpent slithering out of the toilet while he was attempting to drain his own snake inside the bathroom of a San Antonio Starbucks.

"I looked down and looked at the toilet and I see this snake laying across the toilet," Bruce Ahlswede told KSAT News.

After confirming the Texas rat snake was indeed an urban legend come to life and not a rubber gag left behind by some half-caf-no-foam-soy-macchiato-sipping joker, he informed the staff.

"I said hey, you know you've got a snake in your bathroom and she's kind of freaking out," Ahlswede recalled. "So we went back in and watched it as it slithered back and around and down underneath the rim of the bowl and right inside."

A photo posted by Ahlswede's wife to her Facebook page shows the snake wrapping itself around the toilet shortly before disappearing.

South Texas Herpetology Association agents who were called to the scene were unable to catch the artisan critter, but flagged the store as safe just the same.

Starbucks released a statement saying "there were no further safety concerns," but Ahlswede said he planned to "take a closer look and definitely lift the seat" from now on, just in case.

[H/T: Eater, screengrab via Facebook, KSAT]