Instagram’s walking Entourage, Dan Bilzerian, enjoys many things—money, women, hurling women off his roof—but perhaps the thing he enjoys most is firearms. He owns many, many guns, and they’re quite well-documented on his social media accounts. That’s how an alleged burglar or burglars must have known right where to go during a break-in at Bilzerian’s leased Hollywood Hills mansion Friday night.

TMZ learned from LAPD sources that “someone tampered with the door” of Bilzerian’s “insane” gun room, but couldn’t get it open. At least Bilzerian appears to take gun safety more seriously than he takes cooler-full-of-explosives safety.

Nothing was taken during the break-in. A rep for Bilzerian told Gawker the burglar or burglars “probably tried to set it up to come back.”

Bilzerian, who was in New York City having a bad time at Electric Zoo that night, has reportedly increased security at the home.

[h/t TMZ, Photo: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram]