Moments after being dragged from the wreckage, the driver of the train that derailed in northwest Spain on Wednesday, killing 78, told his rescuers "I have fucked it up. I want to die."

Francisco José Garzón Amo, pictured above, was taken into custody at the hospital yesterday and will be questioned by a judge today. He and the train's other driver could potentially be charged in the 78 deaths.

It's unclear whether or not the train derailment was the result of human error. The train was traveling at double the speed limit around the curve when it derailed; according to El País, Garzón Amo attempted to brake but "was unable to avert the tragedy." Yesterday, Spanish media found Garzón Amo's Facebook page, on which he'd bragged about driving the train as fast as it could possibly go.

The train derailed near Santiago de Compostelo in Galicia late Wednesday, a day before the city's world-famous Festival of St. James. All festivities have been cancelled.