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Rapper Cakes da Killa appeared on The Hot 97 Morning Show last week, despite not having a song on the New York hip-hop station's playlist. The reason hosts Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg invited Cakes on is because Cakes is gay and skilled. And not only is he gay and a rapper, but he's the kind of gay rapper who will correct you if you call him a gay rapper, as Ebro did early on in their interview. Cakes told Ebro that he considers himself not a gay rapper, but "a rapper that happens to be gay. There's no gay mailmen, but there are mailmen that are gay." Feisty.

The 20-minute conversation that ensued was good natured, but not without the irritations that result from a conversation in which one party must be extremely patient about the other party's ignorance, which seems at this point willful and lazy. Ebro told Cakes that while he admired Cakes' skill as a rapper, in terms of Cakes' actual songs "the content I can't relate to, it's not for me." As if that doesn't go without saying (cool straightness, bro), and as if you need to relate to pop culture to enjoy it. I am not Groot, but I love that little lambchop.

Rosenberg owned up to them both conducting the interview with their ignorance "for the purpose of learning," and yet that didn't make his garbled question (above) about whether Cakes would be sexually attracted to a lesbian seem any less stupid.

"Is it directly penis that excites you the most?" asked Rosenberg.

"Oh, this cannot be a serious question. YES!" said Cakes.

"Why would you ask that?" asked Ebro.

"It's directly the penis that excites me," reiterated Cakes.

"I don't know I've never been gay. Maybe it's more like a style thing, like you could meet gay girls that have a different sort of interest…" said Rosenberg.

I think he meant to ask if a femme guy could be sexually attracted to a butch woman, which I guess, does follow a certain line of logic, though it abandons another (that being: gay boys kiss boys).

You can watch the entire interview below. It's pretty humorous and not exactly cringey, though, Ebro does at one point early on note, "Your cadence is naturally like a real MC!" like he's amazed a gay person could actually be capable of such a thing. Ebro's mind, consider yourself blown. (Pause.)