So, what did you do this weekend? Catch up on some yardwork? Fix that stubborn garage door? That's nice. Justin Bieber spent his weekend dropping dollar after dollar at a Texas strip club "where girls do things that leave marks."

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Bieber and his good friend Floyd Mayweather hit up popular Houston gentlemen's club VLive, where they were privately entertained by an exotic dancer named Diamond.

Happily for everyone who wasn't in the champagne room at the time, Diamond has a very active Twitter account, and she has no qualms about violating stripper-strippee confidentiality.

"@justinbieber Went The Fuk In Tonight !!," she tweeted the following morning. "He Touched My Ass I Almost Fainted."

It seems Bieber got pretty freaky, though Diamond refused to elaborate on any special requests.

"I've Danced For A lot Of Celebrities And They Normally Don't Phase Me But Justin just Had Me In Shock," she exclaimed.

Naturally, it wasn't long before the Belieber Army began firing volleys of insults and death threats in Diamond's direction.

"[Y]'all Deranged Fans Are Not Gone Let Me Live !!!??" she tweeted. "Y'all REALLY mad Cause I Danced For Justin Last Night !!?"

Unfazed, Diamond shot back with the ultimate y u mad response: A photo of the pile of money Bieber left behind.

[H/T: Uproxx, photos via Twitter, Instagram]