Yearbooks are supposed to commemorate the school year, but one high school student probably won't want to remember hers. A high school in Texas is now investigating how a yearbook caption got changed to refer to a cheerleader as an "UGLY HOE".

A spokesperson for the school district says they have evidence that the caption was changed at some point between when the final version was approved and when the books were printed, but administrators are still investigating who made offensive alteration. Although the approved version was checked by both student editors and faculty advisors before it went to print, the district sounds confident that they will be able to identify the culprit. A representative for the district said the responsible party will be punished under the school district's code of conduct.

Although only a dozen of the yearbooks had been distributed before officials noticed the caption, the picture quickly went viral. The school is holding on to the remainder of the 300-odd yearbooks and administrators are trying to decide how to proceed.

"Our educators have hearts and concern for the students, so immediately our concern is for that student and her well being, and to make sure we get this problem corrected as quick as possible," a district spokesperson said.

A 17-year-old student is facing criminal charges for a similar, unrelated incident in Missouri after she allegedly replaced a friend's last name with the word "masturbate."

[via, photo via WFAA]