In a sad and shocking indication of our society's decline, a new research paper claims that something as simple as human breast milk purchased on the internet (of all places!) might not always be as advertised.

According to the study published in Pediatrics on Monday, one in 10 samples of the white stuff bought on "popular milk-sharing websites" contained significant amounts of bovine DNA, suggesting dilution with disgusting cow's milk.

"We confirmed that all of the samples did have human DNA in them, but they were not 100% human breast milk," lead author Sarah A. Keim told the L.A. Times. "One of our samples was almost half and half formula and milk."

As a result of her findings, Keim recommends that parents "don’t buy [random weirdos' breast] milk on the internet" at all, which, to this author at least, is a terrifying thought. Because if you can't trust your online human milk dealer, who can you trust?

[Image via Shutterstock]