NYPD officer Philip Leroy, awarded "Cop of the Year" for the 114th Precinct in 2012, was arrested in Florida Monday night for allegedly trafficking cocaine.

According to Sunrise City, Fla., police, the Queens cop drove from New York with two friends to buy 10 kilograms of blow, and was carrying his off-duty weapon at the time of his arrest. An anonymous police source told the New York Post Leroy was "pretty stupid"and may have been arrested in an orchestrated sting:

"Sunrise PD does this thing called forfeiture, which are like reverse drug-deal stings, where cops pose as dealers selling very cheap cocaine. They're known for these kind of big busts," a police source said.

"You got to be pretty stupid to do this deal in Sunrise."

The cop was charged with felony weapons possession, cocaine trafficking, and conspiracy to traffic cocaine, and is being held on $250,000 bail. Richard Quintanilla and Brian Espinal, his alleged partners in the deal, were arrested as well.

Then-commissioner Ray Kelly sang Leroy's praises when he was selected for Cop of the Year in 2012:

Two years ago, LeRoy was picked from more than 100 officers in his precinct to win its "Cop of the Year" award, according to a report at the time.

"As a member of the anti-crime unit, P.O. Leroy has made more than two dozen arrests so far this year for things like robbery and gun possession," said then-Police Commissioner Ray Kelly in praising the cop.

According to a photo posted on Facebook, Philip Leroy has ridiculously well-defined abs.

[Image via Facebook]