Of all the things one might do if one were walking through the woods and came upon a bear, one of the more counterintuitive* options would be to yell at it. And yet, here we are, watching a video of a man do just that. What a world!

According to TheLocal.se, Ralph Persson was out training a new hunting dog with his wife when they startled a bear.

“I screamed as much as I could and made myself very big,” he told Sundsvall Tidning, a Swedish-language newspaper. “I have seen in the past how even cranes have chased bears by folding up their wings.”

The Scandinavian brown bear is usually very shy. “Most bear experts agree that many more bears have seen humans in Sweden than humans have seen bears,” TheLocal.se reports.

Persson admits that he might have been more careful. “This time, I went over the limit. You have to have respect for the animals,” he said.

And yet: “To lie down and play dead? I do not believe in that.”

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