The Time Condoleezza Rice Guest Starred on 30 Rock

Matt Cherette · 04/28/11 11:31PM

On tonight's 30 Rock, Jack was distraught to find out that his wife, Avery, had been abducted by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. So it's good thing he used to date Condoleezza Rice—who guest starred as herself—and could ask her to lobby for Avery's release, right? If only he hadn't broken up with her via text message that one time...

Tracy Jordan Goes on a Manic Media Blitz on 30 Rock

Matt Cherette · 04/21/11 11:35PM

Tonight, 30 Rock celebrated its 100th episode with a storyline about—what else?—TGS's mishap-ridden centennial. Following his fake trip to Africa, a despondent Tracy Jordan thought that he could get his mojo back by being offensive on some talk shows, like Rachael Ray, Live! and Today. He was wrong. And it was funny. Also: Two big cameos!

30 Rock Explains NBC's Programming Model

Matt Cherette · 04/14/11 09:58PM

Have you ever wondered how NBC makes its programming decisions, given the fact that many—if not most—of its pilots end up on the cutting room floor? On tonight's 30 Rock, Jack revealed the money-wasting secret during a discussion with Liz.

Claire Danes, TV Star Once More

Richard Lawson · 04/07/11 04:06PM

After a long time away, the one-time celestial teen queen of broadcast television is returning to the small screen. Also today: We might, coincidentally, have a new Juliet; a cult favorite cartoon gets a second season; and, no folks, 30 Rock is not dying. Probably.

So Is 30 Rock Going to End or Not?

Richard Lawson · 04/06/11 04:20PM

A cast member says it's on its way out next year, but other people say it's not. Who to believe?? Also today: Snow White might have finally found her huntsman, the next Batman movie heads to the big PA, and we have to talk about Hunger Games.

Watch Aaron Sorkin's Brilliant 30 Rock Cameo

Matt Cherette · 03/24/11 09:29PM

On tonight's 30 Rock, Liz Lemon got news that TGS was going into a forced hiatus due to Tracy Jordan's absence. So, Liz explored other opportunities—like Nick Lachey's The Sing-Off. And, whoa: Aaron Sorkin was there, too!

Real Housewives of Orange County: Let's Talk About Sex

Brian Moylan · 03/21/11 12:45PM

All of the bottle blond birdturds in the O.C. were obsessed with sex last night. Tamra even had some. On camera! Then everyone went on vacation. Sadly, we had to follow them and watch them cavort and howl like sex banshees.

Here's 30 Rock's Parody of The Real Housewives

Matt Cherette · 03/17/11 09:45PM

Tonight, 30 Rock returned without Tracy Jordan, but with Sherri Shepherd as Jordan's wife, Angie, along with her very own Bravo reality show camera crew for Queen of Jordan. Nobody was safe from the spotlight! Here's the satirical opening.

30 Rock: Does TGS Hate Women?

Matt Cherette · 02/24/11 10:31PM

On tonight's 30 Rock, Jenna was excited to appear on a women's web site, JoanOfSnark.com. The problem, though, was that the headline read, "Why Does TGS Hate Women?" Hm... sound familiar? (Hint, hint!) Here's video of the cold open.

30 Rock: Liz Lemon's Breakup Is Everyone's Breakup

Matt Cherette · 02/17/11 10:47PM

On tonight's 30 Rock, Liz Lemon came into the TGS writer's room with an announcement: she was absolutely *fine* following her breakup with Carol. So fine, in fact, that she'd adopted a cat—Emily Dickinson—and a fanny pack!

The Premature Aging of Michelle Pfeiffer

Richard Lawson · 02/15/11 04:41PM

We think she looks great and is great, but Hollywood wrote her off for a while, and is now bringing her back in sad old lady roles. It's not fair. Also today: Wentworth Miller is trying to figure out what to do now that he's out of prison, Aaron Sorkin might make fun of himself, and sad news about a promising pilot.

30 Rock: The Celebrity Benefit From Hell

Matt Cherette · 01/27/11 10:46PM

On tonight's 30 Rock, Jack had a brilliant idea: pre-record a celebrity-studded benefit for the victims of a natural disaster so that NBC would have a timely exclusive once the disaster actually happened. How'd it go down? Find out inside.

30 Rock: The Odd Couple

Matt Cherette · 01/20/11 10:50PM

Tonight, 30 Rock returned from its holiday break with the news that Jack and Liz had accidentally married each other—which turns into a hilarious tit-for-tat game for both of them. Inside, a video montage of the relevant scenes.

This is 30 Rock's Japanese Credit Sequence

Matt Toder · 01/04/11 03:05PM

Forget the artful compositing that we get over here, in Japan 30 Rock's credit sequence is crazy. Actually, it's just a really long montage of wacky moments from the show and also a shot of Tina Fey strutting around.