The New York Times Discovers Penis Pumps

Foster Kamer · 08/29/09 04:30PM

While America's medical debates rage on, many of its significant members, of all colors and sizes, limply, quietly weep to themselves: penises. But! This is one health care package making serious progress: flaccid penises demand innovation, as the Times discovered.

Wal-Mart Rocks The Hardest

Hamilton Nolan · 08/18/08 01:26PM

Guns "N" Roses' "new" album Chinese Democracy-insert standard joke about album taking longer to happen than actual democracy in China-reportedly stands a good chance of being sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. This comes on the same day that AC/ DC announced that it will be selling its new album exclusively at Wal-Mart. Maybe because the soul-crushing retailer has been forced to accept a union at a store in Canada, it's now progressive enough for this to be acceptable? Either that or rock and roll is dead. [via Adfreak]

Tim Faulkner · 10/17/07 10:42AM

Aussie rockers AC/DC have finally won access to the domain name from a porn company that was redirecting traffic to sexually explicit sites. Now, kids searching for the band that keeps rocking after more than 30 years won't be exposed to dirty deeds. One wonders if hearing the song is any substitute. [The Register]