Getting to Know Maria

John Cook · 06/25/09 01:20PM

It turns out that María Belén Chapur/Shapur, the woman identified by the Argentinian press as Gov. Mark Sanford's mistress, does not work for an agribusiness concern called Bunge y Born, after all. So we really know nothing about her, still.

Handicapping the Sanford Comeback

John Cook · 06/24/09 03:45PM

No, of course it's not too soon! Marshall "Mark" Sanford's abject, prostrate confession this afternoon was wrenching to watch, and has already inspired some outbursts of much-needed sympathy from the punditocracy. It's best to be prepared for a backlash.

Who Is Sleeping With Your Wife?

Richard Lawson · 03/27/08 09:09AM

Just one item this morning, about a daring gent who was caught in flagrante delicto with the wrong woman. "Which famous playboy is in a fair bit of trouble after sleeping with a married woman? The scorned husband is now threatening to beat - and permanently maim - the lover." [Mirror]

Smoking Hot Craigslist Extortionist Can Blacken Our Mail Anytime

abalk2 · 11/27/06 05:25PM

Apart from the beneficial services it provides in facilitating bad oral sex between coke-having hipsters and the women who would never blow them were it not for the huge pile of drugs they provided, Craigslist has also been invaluable in offering new channels through which one can conduct extortion. Take, for example, this recent story from The Smoking Gun: