Life As A Hot Woman: Creepy

Ryan Tate · 02/20/08 06:15AM

If there were any justice in the world, at all, Gimmick book writer AJ Jacobs would be ashamed of his article in the latest Esquire because it would suck. The article goes like this: Jacobs gets permission from his wife to screw his young hot nanny, drools all over her, pushes the innocent girl into the scuzzy world of online dating, uses her account to flirt with and extract information from suitors and then actually sets her up on dates with a few of these guys, all no doubt so he can write a big article about it in Esquire. The problem is that the article emphatically does not suck, it's actually kind of an awesome read. And Jacobs arguably does his mostly male readers the service of illustrating how disturbing their behavior toward hot women is:

Neal Pollack, Unblock Me From Facebook Right This Minute!

Joshua Stein · 10/16/07 02:55PM

I don't know about you but when I search Facebook for "Neal Pollack," I get two Neal Pollacks, neither of whom are the Neal Pollack that I want to find. (I'm looking for the Alternadad writer and blogger Neal Pollack who writes about his son so much!) But when I search from my friend's account, I get three Neal Pollacks, the last of whom is the Neal Pollack I want to find. How could we tell? Though we couldn't view his profile, we could view his friends. They include Timedouche columnist Joel Stein and his lovely wife, Cassandra Barry; Biblically-living author AJ Jacobs; Defamer editor Mark Lisanti; Gawker's once-upon-a-time editor Elizabeth Spiers; and Sloane Crosley, the indefatigable publicist. Come on, Neal! We want to poke you so hard!

AJ Jacobs Now Ready To Break Some Commandments

Joshua Stein · 10/03/07 02:02PM

Last night Esquire scribe and gimmick book writer AJ Jacobs celebrated the publication of his latest, The Year of Biblical Living, a memoir about the healing process after his husband died. Oh wait. That's the other Year of Adjective Present Participle book. This one traces Jacobs' efforts to live his life according to the strictures of the Old Testament. Sounds hard, right? According to Jacobs, it was! The book party was heavily attended by Esquire editors and was at an Upper East Side bar called Genesis. Get it? And we didn't have to blow anyone to get tickets.

Remainders: What Won't A.J. Jacobs Do?

Jessica · 09/29/05 06:00PM

Esquire's geeky guinea pig A.J. Jacobs wikis the shit out of himself and his publication. Book deal TK. [News.com]
• Does South Beach need its own Bret East Ellis? And will someone please step up to the plate besides Wenner Media's Gwen Cooper? [MNT]
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• New York gets movie-script level edgy. [NYP]
• That bastion of high design, Fox News, is hiring a new graphic design guru. Live the dream, young conservative art fags. [Craigslist]
High Times Stony Awards is, none too surprisingly, more entertaining, snack-filled than the Oscars. [The Reeler]
Us Weekly editor Janice Min is after your kids. It was inevitable, really. [Radar]

Remainders: A.J. Jacobs' Future Certainly Looks Bright

Jessica · 07/19/05 05:30PM

• Sadly, the thought of do-anything writer A.J. Jacobs' penning something entitled The Ark Project: How many pairs of animals can I fill my house with before my wife divorces me? isn't too far-fetched. [Zulkey]
• No hand-eye coordination? You're so, so gay. [Salon]
• TV news seems to think the internet may save them. Also, it's Opposite Day! [WSJ]
• You know what we need? Another cheesy, thematic nightclub. Something like Roulette sounds like a good start. [Joonblog]
• Another 7-11 plans an UES invasion. Time for last rites of the cheap-ass bodega. [Jossip]