Rachel Sklar Leaving Huffington Post

Ryan Tate · 10/17/08 01:56AM

To hear present and former Huffington Post employees tell it, the liberal website owes its ridiculously high turnover mainly to founder Arianna Huffington's tendency to use staffers to perform menial personal chores, to an internal culture of nasty screaming and name-calling and to a generally chaotic management structure, such as it is, subservient to Arianna's rapidly-changing whims. But Rachel Sklar managed to last a jaw-dropping two-and-a-half years at HuffPo, a rare achievement that saw her become one of the site's highest-profile editors and a frequent cable-TV talking head. Why would management, as our tipster claims, push Sklar out? Read between the lines in the memo after the jump.

Rex Sorgatz Forgot His Internet Safeword

Sheila · 08/13/08 02:00PM

Oh, Rexie! The Internet micro-fame expert and boyfriend of the Huffpo's Rachel Sklar seems a bit shook up by our post about him yesterday—which honestly, by our standards, was fairly mild. "I wish I could remember my internet safe word," he Twittered. We'll congratulate him on the S&M reference, but Internet "friends" are irresponsible playmates that don't always stop when you're writhing on the floor, simultaneously begging for more and crying, "Red!" You know what else is fallout from microfame? This is how you know you've truly made it: somebody anonymous devotes 1,489 words to writing a fake chronicle of your sex life.