The Great Columbia Frat Boy Drug-Dealing Ring

Maureen O'Connor · 12/07/10 01:32PM

You know it's a good story when it begins with a narcotics task force called "Operation: Ivy League." After months undercover with kids who are reading the Iliad, the NYPD busted five alleged frat boy drug dealers at Columbia University.

Altoids Vs. 'Nillas: The Choice Is Yours

Hamilton Nolan · 06/18/08 11:33AM

Yesterday we polled you all on your picks for the new white racial slur, which will be expected to restore parity to our current racial insult imbalance. The runaway winner was "Altoids," with about 28% of the vote ("Osmonds" and "The Casians" finished second and third, respectively). But—there was a revolution in the comments! A huge outcry poured forth for a dark horse (so to speak) entrant: "'Nilla," first suggested by Sarcastro. So, out of respect for the importance of getting this right, we are throwing it back into your able, racist hands for the ultimate decision. Shut up, 'Nilla? Or shut up, Altoid? The final choice is yours. Vote below.

Altoids' virtual gay pride advertisement

Tim Faulkner · 06/13/07 11:38AM

Exploiting two marketing trends in one go, Altoids, maker of curiously strong mints, is curiously sponsoring virtual gay pride month in Linden Lab's Second Life along with the obligatory parades and accoutrement. In an apparent attempt to one up Yahoo's gay avatars, the Altoid "parade" is more gay avatars (a pirate and Uncle Sam apparently) standing around amidst gay pride flags and Altoids' ads with little resemblance to the crowds, excesses, and exposure of a real world pride parade. In fact, this is an instance where griefers add more realism than Altoid marketers forced to masquerade as "Pimp" trannies. What's a virtual gay pride parade without flying penises?