It's a Camouflage Cat Ambush, You Guys

Christopher Han · 12/06/10 06:20PM

The only thing that can surprise a cat is another cat. Watch this poorly camouflaged feline take an unsuspecting victim by surprise, followed by an awkward standoff.

Puff Daddy Denies Tupac Ambush Charge

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/08 08:24AM

Rap mogul Sean "Puff Diddy Daddy" Combs has denied yesterday's LA Times report that he had advance knowledge of a 1994 ambush on rival Tupac Shakur that left Tupac with five bullet wounds. Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, the music manager that the Times named as the mastermind of the attack, also denied the charges. The Times is standing by its story so far. Below, Puffy's and Rosemond's statements—as well as (BONUS!) the lyrics to two verses of "Who Shot Ya?," the 1994 Biggie Smalls/ Puffy song that was widely believed to be an allusion to the Tupac shooting in question.

Puffy Knew In Advance About 1994 Tupac Shooting, Says LAT

Hamilton Nolan · 03/17/08 03:36PM

An exclusive story in the LA Times today says that P. Diddy, aka Puff Daddy, aka Sean "Puffy" Combs, the hip hop superstar and head of Bad Boy Records, knew in advance about a 1994 ambush in which rap icon Tupac Shakur was shot five times and robbed in a New York recording studio. According to the story, a promoter and talent manager who were friendly with Puffy set up Tupac because they were angry about his insolent posture towards NYC and its hip hop heavyweights. The key facts: