Anderson Cooper Finds His First Talk Show Guest

Brian Moylan · 09/06/11 11:59AM

Andy Cooper tweeted today that the guests on the September 12 debut of his daytime talk show will be Amy Winehouse's family, giving their first interview about her death. A mix of topical and emotional. He is the new Oprah!

Megan Fox Will Steal Your Girlfriend

Andrew Belonsky · 08/28/09 05:15AM

Megan Fox says she's more comfortable kissing ladies on screen, Rihanna brings Taylor Swift flowers and Hilary Duff's not playing nice. It's your Friday morning Gossip Roundup!

Bill O'Reilly's Holy War Against George Tiller

The Cajun Boy · 05/31/09 09:16PM

Bill O'Reilly has been harassing George Tiller, the Kansas abortion doctor murdered at the church where he served as a deacon earlier today, for some time now, both with incendiary rhetoric and by dispatching producers Jesse Watters and Porter Barry to ambush him, his lawyer, and the Governor of Kansas.

Disrespectful Grammy Producers Learn The Hard Way That Kanye West Will Not Be Played Off The Stage

mark · 02/11/08 02:54PM

Though Herbie Hancock delivered a huge upset by capturing the Album of the Year Grammy that clearly belonged to criminally underappreciated superstar Kanye West and Amy Winehouse selfishly distracted from his four-win night by hoarding five statuettes that would have looked much better upon the humble rapper's mantle (not to mention Winehouse's attention-whore hijacking of the ceremony's precious screentime via satellite), West would, in the end, have his Big Moment, even if he had to fight for it like he's had to battle for every scrap of recognition the System tries to withhold from him.

Vince Vaughn Fights Roid-Raging Ralphie!

mark · 02/07/08 09:27PM

· On last night's Late Show, Dave and Vince Vaughn hopped into the Career Wayback machine and revisited the time Vince nearly got his ass kicked by a steroid-enhanced Peter Billingsley. An after-school special classic!
· Amy Winehouse will miss the Grammys because she been denied a U.S. visa; the Embassy fears she might attempt to use her bloodstream to smuggle enough drugs into L.A. to kill everyone in the Staples Center. [rimshot]
· Wisely, John Mayer knows that all bloggers must be allowed no closer than 30 feet to him, even on supposedly safe cruise ships.
· Hey, unicorn! [via our favorite unicorn pusher]