The Fundamentalist Cult Warren Jeffs Built: An Interview With Prophet's Prey Director Amy Berg

Jennifer C. Martin · 09/21/15 11:55AM

In June 2005, the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Warren Jeffs, was charged with sexual assault of a minor. Jeffs went on the run, and over a year later, he was finally caught with one of his wives, one of his brothers, four computers, 16 cell phones, three wigs, and 12 pairs of sunglasses. This was the first that most Americans had ever heard of Jeffs, but his reign and influence had been far-reaching within his community for the past two decades.

Bryan Singer's Connection to Hollywood Kid Sex Scene Explored in Doc

Rich Juzwiak · 11/15/14 04:47PM

If Amy Berg's documentary An Open Secret eventually finds the distribution that is currently eluding it, it's going to mean more problems for director Bryan Singer, who earlier this year was accused of repeatedly drugging, threatening and forcibly sodomizing a minor in a lawsuit. It could mean problems, in fact, for a whole lot of people in Hollywood. Our awareness of the exploitation of minors by powerful men is just the tip of an iceberg, according to Anne Henry of the non-profit BizParentz.