American Apparel Wants The Jewish Dollar

josh · 05/15/07 05:36PM

Dov "There's A Bulge in My Hand" Charney of American Apparel seems to be eschewing his early aesthetic of working-pink girls for that of rebbes, or at least Woody Allen dressed as a rebbe. At first we thought this ad, on the corner of Houston and Allen, was a rabbi and we did not speak out. Then we lost a $50 bet that it was Woody Allen dressed as a rabbi. We thought perhaps the ad was an erectile-geographical pun (in that order) and we did not speak out. Then Curbed alerted us to its appearance in LA and still we did not speak out. So now, we're making up for our silence the only way we know how: with horrifying Photoshop.

White People Now Forced To Live Like Non-White People!

Josh · 05/10/07 02:43PM

The blues, money, street couture: The things rich whites steal from the poor is an ever-growing litany of appropriation. Add housing arrangements to the list. Being crammed into a small apartment, violating fire codes, and creating privacy with hanging towels isn't just for the underclass anymore! Who will weep for the Wesleyan graduate camping out in her Outward Bound office? Or the NYU junior sleeping in her daddy's empty office space? Step forward, New York Times.