Professional Cock Blockers Swarm Chatroulette

Ryan Tate · 05/04/11 02:21PM

Chatroulette thinks it finally knows how to banish flashers. The video chat site has tried community moderation. It's tried dick detection software. Now it hopes 32 professional cockblockers can get a handle on this hard, longstanding problem.

Chatroulette Founder Regrets Not Playing Nice

Adrian Chen · 01/13/11 09:25PM

Hard to believe that tech's most powerful players were once squabbling for a piece of videochat site Chatroulette. Its teenaged Russian founder spurned them all, and Chatroulette is close to dead. Now he's having second thoughts.

Dying Chatroulette Experiments with Skins

Ryan Tate · 01/04/11 01:24PM

Russian video-talk site Chatroulette has launched a new feature called "Skinsroulette." Contrary to what you might expect on the noted penis exhibition hub, Skinsroulette does not involve actual skin. Sadly, it also doesn't involve improvements to the Chatroulette core.