Two and a Half Men's Half-Man Is Now a Bearded Preacher

Jay Hathaway · 03/17/14 04:45PM

Angus T. Jones, formerly one of the highest-paid child actors in TV for his work on Two and a Half Men, has fully backed out of the show to pursue a new beard and his relationship with God.

Angus T. Jones Apologizes for Anti-Two and a Half Men Video

Taylor Berman · 11/27/12 11:12PM

Yesterday, actor Angus T. Jones appeared in a testimonial for Forerunner Christian Church, asking viewers to "please stop watching" his hit show Two and a Half Men because it's "filling [your] head with filth." While his assessment of his show was certainly accurate, the testimonial had far more to do with Jones's recent conversion to conspiracy-laden evangelicalism (Forerunner Christian Church's mission statement on Facebook: "THE FORERUNNER- is dedicated to proclaiming the TRUTH that you need to know! " TO LIVE & TO DIE FOR THE TRUTH" is the moto [sic], and Jesus Christ is our General. He gives the orders...we put in the work!") than it did with actual comedic taste.

Two and a Half Men Star Sees the Light, Tells Viewers to Stop Watching His 'Filthy' Show

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/26/12 02:10PM

Actor Angus T. Jones, best known for his role as the half in CBS's upsettingly successful Two and a Half Men, was raised in the Christian faith, but it wasn't until a recent bout of soul-searching that the child star had a full-blown Kirk Cameron-esque awakening complete with the renouncement of his Godless past as a Hollywood heathen.

Late Show Features Three Reasons Not to Watch Two and a Half Men

Matt Cherette · 09/09/11 03:50AM

The cast of Two and a Half Men appeared on tonight's Late Show to present David Letterman's Top 10 list of reasons to still tune in. But as you'll see in this video, Ashton Kutcher sort of seems over it already, so... points at least for being self-aware?

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/08/08 06:30AM

Matt Damon turns 38 today. Woody Allen's bride, Soon-Yi, is celebrating her 38th, too. Chevy Chase turns 68 today. Jesse Jackson is 67. Dennis Kucinich is 62. Sigourney Weaver is turning 59. Children's author R.L. Stine is 65. Director Ed Zwick is 56. Comic book legend Harvey Pekar is 69 today, as is Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame. Netflix founder Reed Hastings turns 48. And Angus T. Jones, the little boy in Two and a Half Men, is 15.