Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/23/09 06:38AM

It's a big birthday for Bruce Springsteen. The rock legend turns 60 today. Also celebrating: Jermaine Dupri is turning 37. Singer Julio Iglesias turns 66. Mickey Rooney is 89. Playwright George C. Wolfe is turning 55. Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame is 50. Hedge fund manager Marc Lasry is turning 50, too. Ani DiFranco turns 39. Writer Joshua Foer is turning 27. Writer/blogger Ana Marie Cox is 37. And Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain turns 24 today.

Sexy Hippie Meets Chris Farley At News Corp. Building

Hamilton Nolan · 12/05/08 12:55PM

It was hilariously revealed a couple weeks ago that hippie folk singer Ani DiFranco personally played a set for capitalist Wall Street Journal staffers in their actual building, for some reason. Well now, further hilarious elements of this story have emerged. Among them: There is an actual place called "The WSJ Cafe"; Ani DiFranco played there; and finally, the WSJ has a staffer named "Chris Farley," who interviewed the hippie singer, right there in the "WSJ Cafe." Click here for the a video of the encounter, which, inexplicably, exists. [WSJ via Jezebel]

Hippie Folksinger Invades WSJ Newsroom

Ryan Tate · 11/20/08 09:51PM

Pat Buchanan is defending Hillary Clinton, the Guardian is scooping on U.S. political news, and now this, perhaps the ultimate WTF moment in media this week: Lefty, anti-corporate folksinger Ani DiFranco performed two songs for Wall Street Journal editorial staff today, right before deadline, we hear. "Weird time to be a biz reporter," one staffer at the conservative business newspaper Twittered. The setlist?

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/23/08 06:21AM

Bruce Springsteen has been collecting praise for nearly four decades now; in a few short years, he'll be collecting social security, too: Bruce turns 59 today. Others celebrating: Hedge fund manager (and Chelsea Clinton's boss) Marc Lasry is 49. Jermaine Dupri is turning 36. Playwright and director George C. Wolfe is 54. Seinfeld (and pretzel commercial) star Jason Alexander is 49. Writer Joshua Foer (and brother of JSF) is turning 26. Ani DiFranco is 38. Actor Mickey Rooney turns 88. And singer Julio Iglesias celebrates his 65th birthday today.