Breaking Bad: Over the Top and Loving It

Rich Juzwiak · 09/03/12 06:15PM

During this season of Breaking Bad, the first half of the show's fifth and final, Walter and Skyler White asked her sister Marie and her DEA agent husband Hank to accept increasingly outlandish (and fraudulent) behavior wholesale. Walter had a fake breakdown in Hank's office so that he could plant a microphone in it. Skyler, meanwhile, freaked out at Marie (in the instantly meme-worthy, "Shut up!" outburst) and then went seemingly catatonic in a pool during Walter's 51st birthday dinner. A cover-up so ridiculous hasn't been devised since Walter's Season 2 "fugue state" nonsense. All these lies have been in service of making the couple appear to be socially acceptable messes, and not the outlaw messes that they actually are.