Bargain $8 million condo just the latest favor from Sergey Brin's banker

Jackson West · 09/16/08 10:40AM

The $8.5 million pied-à-terre that Google cofounder Sergey Brin and 23andMe cofounder Anne Wojcicki recently purchased in Manhattan's Greenwich Village? The previous owner, Bill Brady, paid $7 million for the condo around a year ago and was trying to move the unit for as much as $12 million after buying into a different building owned by art superstar Julian Schnabel. If you think it was the negotiating mastery of Brin and Wojcicki — who are expecting their first child together — think again. A tipster points out that besides helping with Google's IPO at Credit Suisse First Boston, Brady and former boss Frank Quattrone still advise the company:

Sergey Brin buys $8 million duplex in Greenwich Village

Paul Boutin · 09/15/08 04:00PM

A 23-foot balcony, 3,457 square feet of space, four bedrooms, and a limestone bath with heated floors are what Google cofounder Sergey Brin and his wife, 23andMe's Anne Wojcicki, are getting at 744 Greenwich Street for $8.5 million, reports New York's Cityfile blog. The place formerly belonged to Bill Brady, who heads Credit Suisse's Global Technology group in Palo Alto. It'll make a perfect site for more of 23andMe's genetic-testing spit parties.

Google Co-Founder Pays $8 Mil. for Village Duplex

cityfile · 09/15/08 11:10AM

It looks like Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki are planning on spending more time in New York. A month ago, we reported that Bill Brady, the head of Credit Suisse's technology banking practice, had sold off his duplex penthouse at 744 Greenwich for $8.5 million. Now it seems the buyer was none other than Brin and his genetics-loving wife. Earlier today Real Estalker mentioned it had received a tip that the tech billionaire was behind the purchase. When we checked the records, we noticed that the buyer, Moore LLC, shares the same address in Menlo Park, CA as Brin's private foundation. So what is the couple getting for their cash? Some 3,457-square-feet of living space, four bedrooms, limestone bath with heated floors, and a master suite with a 23-foot balcony. You can gaze at the photos yourself here.

Rupert Murdoch's Genetic Destiny Revealed

Ryan Tate · 09/14/08 10:22PM

Sure, you knew Anderson Cooper was the adorable unicorn of TV news anchors, but did you know he is so incredibly magical he can roll his tongue into a "really complicated four-leaf clover?" He can! Tongue-rolling is a genetic trait, but one can't help wonder if Cooper has had some practice. He apparently shows his skills only to certain, uh, special friends, like fellow closeted media personality Barry Diller, who, no joke, compared tongue technique with Cooper at a special retreat in Idaho. Some Google people were there, and the next thing you know, the tonguing had resulted in a big genetic-testing soiree in New York! Here's what Ivanka Trump and Rupert Murdoch said about their DNA at the party:

23andMe geneticists want to knock off Fashion Week cheekbones

Jackson West · 09/12/08 05:00AM

Google-backed startup 23andMe is working on fixing the Bay Area beauty gap by convincing the pretty people at New York's Fashion Week to submit genetic samples for the new, low cost of $399. As non-California residents, Manhattanites represent a genetic talent pool untouched by regulatory agencies in the startup's home state. 23andMe cofounders Anne Wojcicki and Linda Avey, pictured here, see fashionistas as runway dilettantes, and therefore brick-dumb.But by figuring out the single-nucleotide polymorphisms which lead to chiseled features and a high-powered metabolism, Wojcicki might figure out how to make sure her next child with Google cofounder Sergey Brin is healthy, smart and ravishingly beautiful according to media norms. My suggestion? New York's models should be making 23andMe pay them for saliva samples. It's not like Wojcicki, whose startup is already backed by her husband's employer, can't dial for more dollars from Google's new venture investment arm whenever she feels like it.

Larry and Sergey brought wives to watch Google satellite launch

Owen Thomas · 09/09/08 04:00PM

Google helped pay for this weekend's launch of a satellite which will take high-resolution imagery for its Google Earth service, and founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were on hand to watch the rocket lift off at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Serious business, right? Not when you see our spy photos of the billionaires. Brin wore bright orange Crocs and Page wore a red windbreaker. More tellingly, Brin brought Anne Wojcicki, his pregnant wife, and Page brought his wife Lucy. Both women also dressed informally. Wojcicki carried a plastic water bottle — funny, I thought Larry and Sergey had gotten rid of those at the Googleplex. It all looked like a lark for the billionaire couples, rather than a visit to a high-security military installation — paid for by Google's shareholders and U.S. taxpayers. At least Larry and Sergey seem to have flown their on their own dime — the photos show a Gulfstream V, one of the models in the Googlers' fleet of party planes. Admit it, you all wish you were Larry and Sergey, Crocs and all.

The photos:

You know little boy, I have much I can teach you

Jackson West · 09/08/08 06:00PM

At the Diane von Fürstenberg show at New York's Fashion Week, Google cofounder Sergey Brin and his 23andMe cofounder wife Anne Wojcicki were spotted front and center. Which is hilarious, since Brin is rarely seen in anything but a t-shirt and jeans — hopefully he wore more stylish footwear than Crocs. Here he's spotted in the usual ensemble with Barry Diller, CEO of IAC, who had the sense to wear actual fashion. Friday's winner was hmann with "No, it's $40 for one song. You have to buy your own drinks, and there's no touching." (Photo by Getty/Michael Tran)

23andMe looking for designer comfortable with "vague" as directions

Owen Thomas · 06/18/08 05:00PM

Designers, want to torture yourself in a contract position surrounded by smarmy, know-it-all PhDs who give you only the vaguest of instructions and expect you to master the intricacies of biotechnology overnight? Lured by the promise that you might one day get hired on full-time and get stock options at a company backed by Google and run by Google cofounder Sergey Brin's wife? Unbothered by the fact that the California Department of Public Health has just banned the company's service? Then, dear visual-thinking friends, this position for a graphic designer at 23andMe is for you! The job description:

23andMe told to cease and desist by California Department of Public Health

Jackson West · 06/17/08 04:00PM

Not a good week for the Wojcicki family. Googler Susan Wojcicki has been caught making expensive demands on Google's daycare facilities. Meanwhile, her sister Anne, wife of Google cofounder Sergey Brin, is fending off cease-and-desist letters from pesky health regulators. Anne's company, Google-backed 23andMe, was told to stop offering the tests until officials could complete an investigation into whether sales to California residents were by doctor's orders, as required by state law. The genetics startup risks fines of up to $3,000 a day if it doesn't comply.

Facebook board member lunches with Mrs. Rupert Murdoch

Owen Thomas · 05/28/08 05:00PM

CARLSBAD, CA — Who are those cool cats in sunglasses at D6? Why, it's Jim Breyer of Accel Partners, a board member at Facebook, lunching with Wendi Murdoch, wife of the News Corp. CEO and chairwoman of MySpace China. Also at the table: Martha Stewart, seen here to the left; Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures; and Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe.

Actual doctors urge skepticism of DNA-sequencing fad

Jackson West · 04/01/08 04:20PM

Personal gene sequencing is all the rage among technophiles. But the medical establishment isn't necessarily on board — for starters, no insurance company will cover the cost, and doctors aren't always prepared to appropriately evaluate the results of a test. In an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers concluded that the time for personalized genetic testing is "Not now — ask again in a few years." 23andMe, which was cofounded by Sergey Brin's wife Anne Wojcicki and counts Google as an investor, offers a test for the low, low price of $1,000. New startup Navigenics will do the same for $2,500. But they will only sequence a few known genes, there are a lot of caveats in the fine print, and there are serious privacy concerns. So what's the upside?

Sergey Brin's weird wedding ring

Jordan Golson · 02/19/08 05:40PM

A sharp-eyed type spotted Sergey Brin's wedding band in this photo: gold, with a red stone set in it. Most men, in the Valley as elsewhere, opt for a simple band. The Google cofounder married Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe last year. Does anyone know if the choice of ring represents Sergey's Russian heritage, Wojcicki's particular tastes, or just the geek couple's quirkiness? Here's a closeup shot:

Genetic testing reveals Michael Arrington's chintzy nature

Owen Thomas · 01/30/08 05:00PM

23andMe, the genetics startup cofounded by Anne Wojcicki and Linda Avey, has outed TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington as a cheapskate. When Arrington discovered that 23andMe was handing out its $999 testing "Spit Kits" for free at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he hit up Wojcicki and Avey for a refund on the kit he'd already bought. They refused. Arrington nevertheless wrangled a free kit from the pair, which he's now giving away to TechCrunch readers.

Wired in 1,200 words

Nick Douglas · 12/05/07 03:00PM

Wired 15.12 comes in at two pounds, half the weight of a September Vogue. Most of it's the water weight of ads and a shopping guide, and I've summarized the meat of the issue in 1,200 words, so now you don't need to pick it up and risk ergonomic injury.

Google founder's wife uncovers cucumber haters everywhere

Nicholas Carlson · 11/19/07 11:54AM

Google cofounder Sergey Brin's wife, Anne Wojcicki, cofounded and helps run a company called 23andMe. Since Google conveniently invested in 23andMe earlier this year, repaying a loan Brin made to the company, Google shareholders might want to keep a close eye on it to make sure everything is on the up and up. But according to this video from AllThingsD's Kara Swisher, there is no reason to worry. 23andMe is well on its way to answering the public's raucous demand for a service which will provide customers a way to find others who share their genetic traits. Traits like distaste for cucumbers, Wojcicki explains here. All this for only $1,000.

Google boys seriously in love with biotech

Owen Thomas · 11/14/07 08:27PM

What are Sergey Brin and Larry Page really obsessed about? Look no further than their choice in lifemates, says Attila Csordas. Sergey Brin married 23andMe cofounder Anne Wojcicki — and also lent the company $2.6 million, which Google repaid when it invested $3.9 million in the company. Larry Page's fiancée, Lucy Southworth, is close to earning her Ph.D. — a feat neither Page nor Brin has accomplished. Her field of study is biomedical informatics, a field which harnesses high-powered computing for biotech research. Larry and Sergey made their billions on online advertising, a business the pair openly despised when they created the Google search engine. The heart has its own code, and in Larry and Sergey's case, I think it's DNA base pairs.

Which Google founder has the best wedding site?

Tim Faulkner · 10/31/07 04:33PM

There's nothing like good-natured competition amongst cofounders. So which Google founder topped the other with the best wedding locale? Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki of 23AndMe conjoined their gene pools at magician David Copperfield's exclusive Musha Cay, and it's rumored that Larry Page and fiancée Lucy Southworth have reserved Richard Branson's Necker Island, pictured above, for a December 7 wedding. A complete comparison of the private islands after the jump. Who splurged the most? You decide.

Esther Wojcicki, did your journalism degree teach you disclosure?

Mary Jane Irwin · 09/14/07 08:23PM

Huffington Post's Esther Wojcicki gushes over Google's Lunar X Prize. It's not the $30 million those nice Google boys, Larry and Sergey, are offering whomever can successfully land a rover on the moon. This Palo Alto schoolmarm is keen on all the teaching tools the Lunar X Prize is providing educators. She writes, "The team at the Lunar Xprize has prepared free learning guides, videos and other resources to help stimulate student interest not only in space but in math, science and technology as well." She sees this as an effort to rectify the "anti-science trend in schools." Google's efforts are all well and good, but there's another reason why this journalism teacher is so sweet on Larry Page and Sergey Brin — she's Brin's mother-in-law. Her daughter Anne married him in May. But the Google ties go even deeper. Her daughter Susan Wojcicki is Google's VP of product managementand Susan's garage in Menlo Park served as the search engine's first headquarters. Even daughter Janet is married to a former Googler.