A Closer Look at Game of Thrones, Season Four Episode Three

Max Read · 04/21/14 09:55AM

Game of Thrones' characters found themselves recovering from King Joffrey's death, and its viewers found themselves wondering: Why did no one wonder where Littlefinger was? Who is Tommen, and is he an incest child? Where the hell are Arya and the Hound? And what is Danaerys doing?

Game of Thrones Season Four's First Episode, Annotated

Max Read · 04/07/14 11:30AM

Game of Thrones is back, and with it dragons and beheadings and breasts and many, many characters you don't remember. We've broken it down and annotated it to help you. (And we want your help too.)

The Dead Do Not Improve: An Author Cannibalizes His Own Novel

Jay Caspian Kang · 08/16/12 12:30PM

"How much of this book is about your own life?" All novelists, even those who write about horny Centaurs or plasma cannons, have to come up with a standard response to that prickly, earnest question. As someone who has been accused of navel-gazing on the Internet, who has written a few personal essays and now has published a novel in which the protagonist shares many of the same biographical details as the author, I have certainly come to expect it.

Jared Kushner, Fabiola Beracasa And Ivanka Trump

Joshua Stein · 10/25/07 11:15AM

Seen here, from the Fox Business launch party at the Met last night: 1. Jason Beckman, Fabiola Beracasa's banker boy. Currently missing in action. 2. Fabiola Beracasa, socialite freshly back from Beijing. ("I could feel the oppression!") 3. New York Observer majority owner and bridge and tunnel real estate mogul Jared Kushner, desperately trying to escape being photographed with his girlfriend who is: 4. Ivanka Trump, here coquettishly looking away as to not be photographed publicly with her boyfriend, Jared Kushner. (She has such good hair!) Why they were there: Fabiola's mom, Veronica Hearst, is good friends with Rupert Murdoch; Mr. Murdoch dined chez la famille Beracasa last week. Mr. Kushner is a newer Murdoch friend, though does enjoy spending time on the big Murdoch boat. Related: Kushner is a huge Counting Crows fan! Rain King is one of his favorite songs.