The White House Is Archiving Every Tweet Begging @POTUS for Sex

Ashley Feinberg · 05/18/15 05:34PM

Earlier today, the President of the United States and the holder of the highest office in the land, Barack Obama, debuted the first, official Twitter account run by the President and the President alone. Because of how the internet works, hundreds of people immediately asked the President to please sit on my face, daddy. And because of how the Presidential Records Act works, every single one of those tweets, from “spank me” to “fist me,” is getting filed away in the official White House archives.

How to Lose Your Job Gracefully

cityfile · 09/15/08 03:01PM

Just in case you missed this the first time around—and because today seems like an awfully fitting day for this sort of thing—our handy guide to coping with the fact that your investment bank/law firm/media company has decided you're redundant. [Cityfile]

Will Leitch Did Not Win Ben Stein's Money

Pareene · 06/24/08 04:42PM

Years ago—before the age of blogs—a young Will Leitch appeared on Comedy Central's Win Ben Stein's Money. You may know Will as the blogger who brought Deadspin into the world, wrote some books, and who is now leaving the internet to be a columnist at New York. In 1997, though, he was a dude who just got dumped by his fiance and was now on television for some reason attempting a Woody Allen impression. Will wrote about the experience for the Black Table many moons ago, and now we see that the video is actually online. Amazing.