Argentina Rejects Body of Nazi War Criminal

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 10/12/13 12:42PM

Argentina has always been the most European of South American countries: It has a vibrant literary culture, adores anything Italian, and dislikes anything that isn't a large piece of meat. And for a very long time, it even harbored a fair amount of Nazis. But no more, says Argentina.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/05/12 10:14AM

A New York hedge funder had a court in Ghana seize an Argentine Navy vessel because Argentina owes him money. Uhhh.

Argentines To Take 'Save the Whales' Campaign to Next Level By Executing Seagulls

Taylor Berman · 08/28/12 07:55PM

Seagulls in Argentina have changed from your standard beach pests into whale killing monsters, or so say Argentine authorities. It appears seagulls there have taken to pecking tiny bits of flesh from the backs of southern right whales as they surface for air, which naturally hurts the whales but, more importanly, hurts the whale watching industry in the area. As the AP put it, the seagull attacks are damaging the "region's tourism industry as well, by turning whale-watching from a magical experience into something sad and gruesome." Local tourist officials agree.

Woman Gets Completely Naked on Argentina's Dancing with the Stars

Brian Moylan · 10/04/11 11:43AM

When Nancy Grace slipped a nipple on Dancing with the Stars, it caused a huge uproar. Now imagine if Nancy Grace ripped off her top, exposed her breasts, humped her partner, took off her G-string, and appeared completely naked. Oh, and Nancy Grace was a gorgeous model. That's what happened Sunday on Argentina's version of Dancing with the Stars.

Chechen Warlord Is Also a Soccer God

Jeff Neumann · 05/13/11 07:37AM

Ramzan Kadyrov, murderous warlord and "president" of Chechnya, is trying to recast his country as a hub for international football. And to celebrate the opening of a new stadium he had built in Grozny, Kadyrov hosted a friendly match between his team, made up of various criminals and murderers businessmen, and a team of retired international stars that included Argentinian great Diego "Hand of God" Maradona.

Late for Work? You Don't Need to Torch the Train

Jeff Neumann · 05/03/11 04:15AM

It's safe to say that anyone who commutes to work gets a little annoyed with train delays. Fair enough. But there are ways to handle that frustration, and ways to not handle that frustration. In the video above from Argentina, we see the latter.

Argentina's Dancing with the Stars Is Pretty Much Straight Up Porn

Brian Moylan · 12/30/10 04:30PM

On Bailando por un Sueño, the Argentinian equivalent of Dancing with the Stars, stripping the dancer, baring her breasts, licking them, and finger her nether regions are apparently not against the rules. How can we import this show?

This Is How You Handle a Loud-Mouthed Politician

Jeff Neumann · 11/18/10 07:02AM

Argentina is facing some major budget issues, and tensions among legislators are high. So when lawmaker Carlos Kunkel wouldn't shut up during an Upper House session today his colleague, opposition member Graciela Camano, smacked the shit out of him. Watch!

Five Foreign Cities to Move to When the Tea Party Takes Over America

Richard Lawson · 11/01/10 04:19PM

For liberals, tomorrow's midterm elections could be a bloodbath. Rand Paul, Christine O'Donnell, Carl Paladino: These are people who could soon rule America! If they do get elected, where can you go? What foreign cities will be your refuge?

Argentina Votes to Legalize Gay Marriage

Max Read · 07/15/10 03:17AM

After a 14-hour debate, the Argentinian Senate passed a bill to legalize gay marriage, making Argentina the first Latin American country to do so. And gay couples can adopt children. And the steaks there are great. [CNN]